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Joel Griffiths

14802 Elm Ave · Irvine, California 92606
Phone: 480-717-5635
Updated: 3/22/2016
Seeking to leverage technical skills and experience to build, automate, manage, and grow large-scale enterprise-class UNIX/Linux systems in the Cloud. Offer 20+ years experience with UNIX/Linux environments and a background in Software Engineering and Systems Administration for environments containing thousands of servers and millions of customers.
Red 5 Studios
January 2014 - Jan 2016
Senior Systems Engineer (DevOps)
Irvine, CA
Created and updated Chef Recipes for a distributed, large capacity MMO (Firefall). Deploy new services in Openstack and AWS environments. Deployed Openstack via Mirantis. Briefly investigated Docker as a cost-saving mechanism. Participated in the on-call rotation and resolved customer impacting issues as necessary. Wrote scripts/code in Bash (primarily) and some Ruby for monitoring, auto scaling, and automation. Built entire MMO environments from scratch using AWS.
August 2011 - January 2014
Linux Engineer
San Antonio, TX
Managed MySQL for the customer facing email system. Redesigned the architecture of the MySQL infrastructure. Investigated database loads and suggested software improvements and schema changes. Migrated master database clusters between data-centers and implemented Percona.
October 2010 - June 2011
Senior Linux Engineer
Scottsdale, AZ
Managed automatic Jenkins (Hudson) reporting environment. Evaluated and implemented products and technologies relevant to Jawa's core business. Wrote product evaluations and fault recovery procedures. Scripted server automation tasks in bash, Perl, Python, PHP, and AWK. DRBD/Heartbeat systems to host administrative tools. Configured built automation. Company was shut down soon after I joined.
GoDaddy Software
October 2003 - October 2010
Senior Linux Engineer
Scottsdale, AZ
Designed and maintained the infrastructure for several products including Online File Folder, Internal DNS, Quick Shopping Cart, Fax Thru Email, and Godaddy's customer Email system. Configured Puppet manifests for build automation. Configured and deployed GoDaddy's anycast DNS system. Automated build processes with Puppet. Oversaw GoDaddy's Email infrastructure as it grew from 80,000 accounts to several million (10 to 1,000+ servers). Documented, redesigned, and implemented major architectural changes to cope with extremely high growth rates. Established audit processes for deployments and changes. Wrote automated installation tools, TCP/IP monitoring applications, DDOS prevention applications, anti-spam systems, and web-based administration applications.
Oxford International (Inter-tel Contract)
July 2002 - October 2003
Software Engineer
Chandler, AZ
Designed extensive, multi-threaded logging application for Windows (Visual C++ / STL) using a combination of COM, shared-memory, database programming (ODBC), and LDAP directory services. Modified XMail to support voice-mail attachments in incoming and outgoing email: RFC 2421/Voice Profile for Internet Mail - version 2. Installed and configured openLDAP, PostgreSQL, Firebird, MS SQL Server, and SOLID.
Aver, Inc. (contract)
November 2001 - July 2002
Senior Internet Engineer
Palm Desert, CA
Rehired temporarily to restore Aver's on-line Data Recovery presence (See 1997-2000 below). Installed distributed network architecture consisting of Apache, qmail, NIS, NFS, PostgreSQL, wu-ftpd, and DNS/Bind servers. Installed and maintained iptables-based firewall/DMZ for load-balanced Apache / qmail servers running in a distributed environment (Linux NIS/NFS/RAID Filer). Redesigned primary websites using a combination of Perl, C, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, SH, PostgreSQL, DBI, OOP, mod_perl, and Apache. Designed cookie-based affiliate program with database persistant (PostgreSQL and Cookies) account management. Wrote open-source perl script to automatically combine, rotate, and parse (using Webalizer) Apache logs from load-balanced web servers. Resolved and reported bug with rc.firewall script for iptables. Configured routers for P2P frame-relay connectivity. Modified qmail to perform regular expression filtering of incoming e-mail message content. Increased customer inquiries for data recovery services by approximately 1000%.
May 2001 - November 2001
Software Engineer
Santa Clara, CA
Wrote and modified software written in C/C++ (Linux and Visual C++), Perl (EmbPerl), Java (Enhydra), and JavaScript (Mozilla specific DOM2). Installed and configured Apache, PostgreSQL, FastCGI, NetApps, and Enhydra servers within a collocation facility for customer's server-side web-based email and remote software update services. Maintained automated build process written in SH for CVS. Extensive (~40%) reduction in workforce.
Xpede, Inc.
July 2000 - March 2001
Software Engineer
Oakland, CA
Designed and improved front-end Perl layer under mod_perl for corporate websites including CitiBank and First Union. Added Versata connectivity to multiple pages via CORBA for back-end services. Resolved a long-standing keepalive bug with Stronghold. Implemented Perl-based web-page caching mechanism to dramatically reduce database load. Wrote several Perl modules. Won company award for resolving other long-standing bugs. Assisted in rollout of Continuus. Worked briefly with Java and JSP's under Weblogic. Company was liquidated in March 2001.
DeVry Institute of Technology
February 1991
Bachelor of Science Electronics Engineering Technology
Phoenix, AZ

GPA: 3.74

Honors: Tau Alpha Pi National Honor Society, President's List, Dean's List

Additional Information
  • Developed a Peer-to-Peer rental website (LAMP, jquery, and Ajax) for Zalaxy Inc.
  • Very hands-on, have strong troubleshooting skills, and thrive in high-pressure environments.